Lips Tattoo



The following directions are important in promoting a positive lip tattooing experience for you and your Artist, not to mention, better retention with the least pain and shortest tattooing time!

  • 1 week before your lip tattoo appointment, speak with your GP or Pharmacist and ask for a dose of antiviral tablets such as Valtrex, even if you have never experienced cold sores outbreak. This is to minimise any risk of an outbreak. Be sure to take your tablet daily leading up to the appointment and 3 days after.
  • Scrub your lips with an exfoliant 3 nights carefully to remove dead/ dry skin before the day of procedure.
  • 1 week before the appointment, apply lip balm/Vaseline daily to make sure soften lip skin
  • Wash hair and avoid sleep late before the day of treatment.
  • NO alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours before the treatment
  • NO skincare product containing retinal, AHA, vitamins A, C and E agents for 1-2 weeks before treatment
  • STOP taking fish oil tablets (if you do) the moment
  • Please do not take any Tylenol or pain-killers before the appointment (to prevent skin sensitivity during tattoo). The procedure is described to be minimal to no pain as there is topical numbing involved.
  • NO cosmetic injections on or around your lips areas for at least 2 weeks before treatment
  • NO heavy workout or excessive sweat 24 hours before treatment
  • Please be aware that this procedure tends to trigger cold sores. If you are prone to cold sores, please keep in mind that the virus has a high chance of flaring up after receiving the procedure. You may look into consuming Lysine or Valtrex (prescription) starting 24 hours before the procedure to help prevent any flare-ups. Please keep your lips moisturized as lip tattoo cannot be performed on dry (chapped) lips. If you’ve received lip fillers, the wait time is 4 weeks to ensure proper healing before you can get a lip tattoo procedure done.
  • Please re-book if you are in period.
  • Must Not :
    – Pregnant and breastfeeding
    – Have epilepsy
    – Under chemo
    – Have Diabetic
    – Have recent Botox / Fillers
    – Using retinoids
    – Have keloid scarring
    • No major health concern