Will I need a touch up?

A touch up give us the ability to correct any areas that faded & allow you to make adjustments that you are now ready to make. Such as, going with a darker color, closer together, thicker brows, higher arch, etc.

If needed, it is required to have your follow-up up appointment (Perfecting Session) within 4-8 weeks post initial procedure.
A perfecting touchup can NOT be done any sooner than 4 weeks post procedure!!
If you do not need or fail to come in for a perfecting touch up you will then move up to the next touchup – 6-12 months.
A full book is not a reason for missing an appointment

Touch up pricing is tiered depending on time since last full procedure.

How long will my brows last?

This is highly dependent on each individual client’s skin type, aftercare adherance, skin care routine, UV exposure, health, medications.

Touch-ups are recommended every 9-24 months to maintain shape, color, & stroke detail.

How will my brows change over the years?

Clients general come back for touchups every 9-24 months. This varies greatly due to variety of factors; UV exposure, aftercare adherance, retinol use, integrity of skin, skincare products, oily/dry skin, etc.

PMU brows (ombre, tattooed, etc) will last much longer as the pigment is deposited deeper in the dermis that microblading.

As pigment is metabolized in the body it may change to a slight red or blue tone. This is completely normal. It may happen at 9 months, 18 months, 5 years, or never.
Again this is completely normal and the way different pigments are processed and metabolized in your body.
The next touch up will return the brow to the correct color.