Combination Brow Tattoo


Combination eyebrow tattoo creates full and natural looking tattooed brows with fair tattooed hair strokes at the fonts and a powdery finish to the rest of the brows. Combination eyebrow tattoo delivers striking, beautiful eyebrows that look like they have been freshly groomed minus the effort, 24/7!


The combination eyebrow tattoo technique delivers fuller, fluffier, more defined eyebrows that do not require extra filling in for those who want sharp, sleek, natural looking eyebrows all day, every day.


Combination eyebrow tattoo is suitable for everyone, one of the main reasons for its increasing popularity. Combination eyebrow tattoo provide longer lasting results than eyebrow feathering, and is suitable for all skin types, including those with oily skin, or those with little to no natural eyebrow hair.

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Procedure of performing:

  • Step 1: The specialist observes the face and eyebrow condition to advise the appropriate eyebrow shape. Depending on the needs and wishes of each customer, we will advise you on a case-by-case basis to get the eyebrow style and colour suitable for your skin tone, hair colour, age and personality.
  • Step 2: Create a new eyebrow shape suitable for the face and age. Trim your eyebrows according to the shape you want to create. Shaping the eyebrow frame with a pencil so that the eyebrow shape matches the face, with the eyebrow frame.
  • Step 3: Apply/ not apply numb cream for 30 minutes (each customer has a separate sterile kit)
  • Step 4: The specialist will use specialized equipment to evenly tattoo the pigment according to the drawn eyebrow shape.
  • Step 5: Clean the skin and advise on eyebrow care after tattooing.


  • NO alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours before the treatment
  • NO skincare product containing retinal, AHA, vitamins A, C and E agents for 1-2 weeks before treatment
  • STOP taking fish oil tablets (if you do) the moment you schedule your eyebrow tattoo appointment
  • NO cosmetic injections for at least 2 weeks before treatment
  • NO heavy workout or excessive sweat 24 hours before treatment
  • NO waxing or tinting of your brows at least 5 days before treatment
  • DO wash your hair the day before
  • Please do not take any Tylenol or pain-killers before the appointment (to prevent skin sensitivity during tattoo). The procedure is described to be minimal to no pain as there is topical numbing involved.
    • Please stay hydrated (with water). Avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 hours before the tattoo procedure to prevent any excessive bruising, swelling, & bleeding.
    • If you are receiving the eyebrow tattoo procedure, do not groom the eyebrow hairs. Please let your natural eyebrow hairs grow out to back up the eyebrow tattoo shading.
    • Please re- book appointment another if you are in period


     First 3 days or until peeled off completely: Avoid direct water contact. Do not touch the open wound with your bare fingers. You do not need to apply anything on the area during this time until completely peeled off. 

After brows are peeled off completely:

  • You may get the eyebrow area wet (during shower but only with water on Brow Area). After you get the area wet, pat the area down dry with a clean cotton pad or paper towel.
  • Stay away from any Caffeine or Alcoholic drinks for the next 24 hours if possible
  • Do not apply makeup on the brow area for 2 weeks after application.
  • Avoid sports, swimming, mud baths or other activities that cause sweating when the scabs have not been peeled off.
  • Day 1 (day of treatment) :
  • Gently & firmly blot the eyebrow tattoos with a dry, clean tissue every 15-30 minutes until bed time
  • Day 1-5 :
  • Please try your best to sleep on your back during the first couple of days before the brow area begins the peeling process
  • Avoid touching the eyebrow tattoos with unclean hands or at all
  • DO NOT pick, pull, scratch your eyebrow tattoos at all or force them off
  • Let the scabs fall off naturally on their own.
  • NO makeup or skincare product directly on or around your eyebrow areas.

ü  No gym or intense exercising for the first 3 days to avoid excessive sweating & moisture on the tattoo area.

ü    No sun bathing/tanning, swimming, facials, peels, & Botox during the healing process. 

  • Day 1-14 :
  • DO NOT wash your eyebrow tattoos, showers are fine but don’t make a point to wash them and always blot dry when wet
  • Ensure showers are not overly warm as this would open the pores and drain your pigments.
  • NO skincare products above the cheekbones. Avoid any skincare product containing retinol, AHA, vitamins A, C and E agents
  • If they get too dry, stretched, or itchy, blot them dry and apply specialize moisturiser from us
  • From day 14 and beyond, you can now wash your eyebrows gently with warm water and cotton rounds twice daily then blot dry. NO CLEANSER AT THIS TIME STILL

•    If you are getting eyelash extensions, please inform your lash technician that your eyebrows are freshly tattooed & to avoid the area. 

  • Recheck after 3 weeks to reapply if necessary
  • Be sure to book in and attend your touch up session
  • You may be able to wear makeup & apply your daily skincare products around the eyebrow area (not on top BROW TATTOO).
  • HEALING TIME : 7-20 days

v Results: 20-50% lighter

v Sizing may appear 1-5% smaller.​

For tips on how to help the scabs fall off faster & ensure proper healing, please send in daily updates of the healing process for monitoring.



Eyebrow hairstrokes can last up to 2 and a half years, and should be maintained with a touch up every 6-18 months for best and longer lasting results, eyebrow tattoo aftercare also plays an important part in your eyebrows retention.

For clients who are prone to an oily t-zone, the eyebrow tattoo methods of ombre’ eyebrowsoft powder or combination brows are recommended.


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