[tq]Color reference for lips

Color reference for lips:

  • Warm lips:These clients are open to most of the color ranges.
  • Grey/Cool lips:Must go WARM. No pink as the color because it is a cool tone.
  • Pale lips:We must attempt to add warmth & vibrancy to the lips as it lacks color.
  • Dark lips:Dark lips must be approved before scheduling as it varies case by case. Dark lips is a very complex procedure & technique.
    Must go warm & light to attempt to neutralize the dark tones.





  2. Right after treatment: Avoid using water in 6 hours .
  3. Food: Try to avoid these foods to have the best result of colour:

For 1st 10 days: No eating Eggs, salty food or sauces as fish sauce, hot or chili food/ sauces…

For 1st 30 days:  No eating Beefs, Lambs, any kind of meat with red blood.

  • Best food for this period is Vegetable, Pork and Fruits…
  1. Drinks: for the best result of colour, drink a lot of juices: coconut, pineapple, orange
  2. Never touch the lip with dirty hands or let other touch them for 4 weeks.
  3. Try to avoid food contact on lips in the healing times. Use Clean pad is a bit wet with Salin Solution Cleanse Wound Wash ( Natri Clorid 0.9%) to dry and clean very gently on around the lip, especially where the food contact on.
  4. Always keep lips dry and clean by Clean pad is bit wet with Salin Solution Cleanse Wound Wash most of time.
  5. After the peeling, use pat dry and apply the thin layer of “After care treatment”.
  6. You also do this step at bed time and continue until finish After care treatment.
  7. Don’t apply other creams, cleansers or soap on.
  8. No make-up on lip for 1 months.
  9. No facials for 4 weeks.
  10. No swimming or spa/ sauna for 10 days.
  11. No rubbing or picking the lip.
  12. No excessive sweating for 10 days.
  13. No hot steamy long shower for 10 days.
  14. Avoid shower water hitting the face for 4 weeks.



Procedure of Lip Healing

  1. Day 1 and 2: a little bit swelling, light stretch
  2. Day 3, 4: start drying and peeling
  3. Day 5, 6, 7: whole lip is being peeled but a bit dry, light colour è use Vaseline or After care treatment
  4. Day 10 to day 20: start change a little bit darker than the 1st peeling è this is time lips is regenerated
  5. Day 20 to day 40: colour is changing lighter gradually, not dark anymore.
  6. Day 40 to after 3 months: this is result colour of lip tattoo and healed totally. This is time to touch up to check

up again.