• NOchildren or pets (we love both, unfortunately for safety issues we request that you do not bring children or pets to the appointment, no exception)
  • NOphone during treatment (upon arrival, please switch off or silent your phone for the duration of your visit for both your safety and ours, as our Artists need to concentrate, and mobile phones can be distracting)
  • Have some food before getting to the studio, and bring a small favourite snack with you for an extra energy boost.



Any appointments cancelled within one week of appointment date will not be able to transfer deposit to a later date and deposits will be forfeited. Same day cancellations or NO SHOW will be charged for the price of the FULL SERVICE. Please understand that our artists are very busy. We have set aside time for your appointment and without proper notice we will not be able to find a replacement for your appointment time.


Rescheduling appointments will only be possible if the artist is given at least one week notice prior to your scheduled appointment. Due to limited appointment availability, we may not be able to reschedule your appointment until a much later date. Promotional rates may change if you reschedule your appointment to a later date. If you are rescheduling your TOUCH UP the rates will change depending on what time frame you schedule your new appointment (use price lists as reference). If you are rescheduling within one week of your appointment date you will not be able to transfer deposit to a later date and deposits will be forfeited. A new deposit will need to be made when rescheduling a future appointment if it is within a week of your scheduled appointment.


Appointments will be CANCELLED and no refunds will be given if the client is more than 15 minutes late to their appointment. Artist take multiple clients a day and need the full amount of time for each appointment. You may schedule a new appointment, but will need to place another deposit.


When booking your appointment, you will be asked to place a deposit for your service. This deposit will be applied to your total fee that is due the same day of your appointment. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.


  • NO alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours before the treatment
  • NO skincare product containing retinal, AHA, vitamins A, C and E agents for 1-2 weeks before treatment
  • STOP taking fish oil tablets (if you do) the moment you schedule your eyebrow tattoo appointment
  • NO cosmetic injections for at least 2 weeks before treatment
  • NO heavy workout or excessive sweat 24 hours before treatment
  • NO waxing or tinting of your brows at least 5 days before treatment
  • DO wash your hair the day before
    • Please do not take any Tylenol or pain-killers before the appointment (to prevent skin sensitivity during tattoo). The procedure is described to be minimal to no pain as there is topical numbing involved.
    • Please stay hydrated (with water). Avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 hours before the tattoo procedure to prevent any excessive bruising, swelling, & bleeding.
  • If you are receiving the eyebrow tattoo procedure, do not groom the eyebrow hairs. Please let your natural eyebrow hairs grow out to back up the eyebrow tattoo shading.
  • Please re- book appointment another if you are in period


  • You are under the age of 18
  • You are pregnant or nursing
  • You are taking blood thinning medications
  • You have viral infections or diseases
  • You are in period time