Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup procedure achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using small needles

Essentially, it is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness.

This treatment delivers very natural results, once healed. Filler is great for creating volume in your lips, but lip blush delivers a more natural look and give the illusion of fuller lips.



  • This method is suitable for both young people or middle-aged women who want to improve their lips fuller.
  • People whose lips is too thin, the lips are not balanced
  • People whose lips is too dense.
  • People who have had lip tattooing, but unhappy with the last results
  • Improve or lightening natural dark lip colour or because smoking …


Color reference for lips:

  • Warm lips:These clients are open to most of the color ranges.
  • Grey/Cool lips:Must go WARM. No pink as the color because it is a cool tone.
  • Pale lips:We must attempt to add warmth & vibrancy to the lips as it lacks color.
  • Dark lips:Dark lips must be approved before scheduling as it varies case by case. Dark lips is a very complex procedure & technique.
    Must go warm & light to attempt to neutralize the dark tones.


Lip blushing tattoo procedure

A lip blushing procedure is similar to lip tattooing. It’s accomplished in the following way:

  1. First, your provider will numb your lips so that you’ll feel less pain and discomfort.
  2. While you’re waiting for the numbing agent to take full effect, your provider will go over your desired lip shape and tone, as well as any sketches that need your approval.
  3. Next, they’ll insert a natural-looking pigment into your lips using small needles. This is done in multiple layers to help create an even tone.
  4. In all, the process can take between 1 and 3 hours.

Does lip blushing hurt?

Your provider will apply a numbing product to your lips beforehand to help minimize pain and discomfort.

The lower your pain tolerance, the more discomfort you might feel. However, some people may not feel much pain at all. You may consider taking acetaminophen before your appointment to decrease your chances of feeling pain.

Avoid taking naproxen, ibuprofen, or aspirin beforehand, as well as supplements like fish oil, garlic, gingko, and vitamin E — these can increase bleeding and bruising.

How permanent is it?

Lip blushing is considered a semipermanent procedure. This means you’ll need to repeat the process every few years to maintain your results.

Frequent lip exfoliation, sun exposure, and smoking can all make the pigment fade quicker

Through the healing process, the color of newly tattooed lips can fade at approximately 40-50% the original color. During the first couple of days and possibly the first week post treatment, the color will become quite faint, however, the color will continue to return slow, and up to 3 months in some cases.

High Melanin lip tattoo treatments – for darker lips, your course of lip tattoo lightening treatment may take between 2-3 sessions to achieve a desired lightened result. On the rare occasions where the natural lip color darker, a 4th treatment touch up session may apply, which will incur a small fee.


The following directions are important in promoting a positive lip tattooing experience for you and your Artist, not to mention, better retention with the least pain and shortest tattooing time!

  • 1 week before your lip tattoo appointment, speak with your GP or Pharmacist and ask for a dose of antiviral tablets such as Valtrex, even if you have never experienced coldsores outbreak. This is to minimise any risk of an outbreak. Be sure to take your tablet daily leading up to the appointment and 3 days after.
  • 1 week before the appointment, apply lip balm daily and scrub your lips with an exfoliant twice a week
  • NO alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours before the treatment
  • NO skincare product containing retinal, AHA, vitamins A, C and E agents for 1-2 weeks before treatment
  • STOP taking fish oil tablets (if you do) the moment you schedule your eyebrow tattoo appointment
  • NO cosmetic injections on or around your lips areas for at least 2 weeks before treatment
  • NO heavy workout or excessive sweat 24 hours before treatment
  • DO wash your hair the day before

·       please be aware that this procedure tends to trigger cold sores. If you are prone to cold sores, please keep in mind that the virus has a high chance of flaring up after receiving the procedure. You may look into consuming Lysine or Valtrex (prescription) starting 24 hours before the procedure to help prevent any flare-ups. Please keep your lips moisturized as lip tattoo cannot be performed on dry (chapped) lips. If you’ve received lip fillers, the wait time is 4 weeks to ensure proper healing before you can get a lip tattoo procedure done.




  • Abstain from water for 6 hours after work.
  • • Apply moisturizer 3-5 times / day.
  • • Keep hygiene  with physiological saline by clean wet tissue press gently on lip and dry tissue, especially after eating
  • • Avoid dark coloured foods (soy sauce, chocolate, dark coloured food/drinks)
  • • Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits to provide nutrients to help keep the environment healthy.
  • Abstain from certain food groups such as fishy foods, chicken, beef, sticky rice, water spinach, from any Caffeine or Alcoholic drinks for the next 24 hours if possible
  • • White sun after 1-2 days, do not squeeze water, swim in the sea, take a mud bath.
  • • People prone to water, after spraying should take Actyclovir for 5 days.
  • • Do not use automatic environment, let it peel naturally.
  • Continue to take your anti-viral tablets as given by your GP or Pharmacist (refer to PreCare instructions for lip tattoo)
  • Day 1 (day of treatment) – very gently & firmly blot your lips with a dry, clean tissue every 15-30 minutes until bed time, apply care cream given
  • You may ice them with ice in a clean freezer bag if they are still tender
  • Day 1-14 – NO skincare or makeup directly on your lips
  • Day 1-5 – NO work out or activities that involve excessive sweating
  • Day 2-14 – Gently dab lips with a warm, wet cotton round twice a day to clean, blot dry with a clean tissue and apply care cream given
  • When showering, ensure the water is not overly warm as this would open the pores and drain your pigments
  • Avoid any skincare product containing retinal, AHA, vitamins A, C and E agents
  • Day 1-14 – Sleep with a clean pillow case, on your back rather than stomach or sides
  • Day 1-14 – Drink a glass of orange juice daily – this is vital in promoting better healed colors for your lips
  • Day 1-14 – NO seafood such as prawns, lobster, oysters
  • Day 1-14 – Avoid any food and drink that are dark in color such as coffee, red wine etc
  • Avoid touching your lips with unclean hands or at all
  • DO NOT pick, pull, scratch your lips at all. Allow the scabs to form and fall off naturally
  • If they get too dry, stretched, or itchy, continue to apply the care cream satchel provided
  • Be sure to book in and attend your touch up session
  • Day 15 and beyond – gently wash twice daily and apply care cream if needed
  • Re-inspection/ Touch up time: after 3 months after 1st procedure


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