What you need to know following Tattoo Removal




You would have been very happy during, and right after your non-laser, cosmetic tattoo removal with us as the difference in the before and after results are quite dramatic. It is important to note that during the next day or so, you may feel a little disheartened as the color of your tattoo within the treated areas may become “darker” than when freshly treated. This is simply because the lymph and fluid from the treatment are starting to dry up, causing the “darker color” appearance in the treated areas.

From around day 4-6, dramatic lightening and fading can be expected, which will continue for the next 6-8 weeks. Keep following through with our aftercare instructions below for best results. Below are general aftercare instructions to follow:

  1. Daily, very gently blot dry the treated areas
  2. From day 5, apply a generous amount of Vitamin E oil (pure vitamin E oil, not cream) with a cotton tip on clean, blotted dry treated areas twice daily
  3. You are able to shower, shampoo, spa, sauna, although the treated areas must be blot dried after each of these activities
  4. You can sweat, gym, be as active as you’d like, ensuring the treated areas are clean and blotted dry afterwards
  5. From day 5 on wards, you can wear makeup around the areas, not directly on, only if the products are very clean and sterile including brushes
  6. From day 5, sea salt can be grounded finely, mixed with water and use an a gentle exfoliant paste on and around the treated areas, as always, extremely gentle, then washed with clean water and blotted dry with a tissue right after. PLEASE NOTE: if the treated areas become irritated, discontinue the sea salt exfoliant, and try again the following week
  7. Vitamin E oil can continue to be used daily, right up until you come back and see us or for 6 weeks to help your skin regenerate and renew.